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What are the tipping ...
What is a VAT and ...
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Early Booking Discounts
If you have any questions about where or how to apply for or renew a passport, call your local passport agency or click here

What weather conditions can I expect where I am traveling?
Please click on link below for weather information. http://weather.com

What types of payment forms are accepted in Europe?
All major credit cards are widely accepted throughout Europe. Please see store/ restaurant for details. Cash can be obtained from ATM machines which are common throughout Europe. Check with your local bank or credit card company.

There are banks in most airports in Europe to exchange your money. To find out the current exchange rate click here

What are the tipping customs in Europe?
There is no universal rule that covers all tipping situations in Europe, but there are some guidelines.
Tip what you feel most comfortable giving whether it be taxi, restaurant or hotel.
In restaurants, service charges range between 10 and 15% and are generally included in the bill. However, it is customary to leave something extra behind. (For example, 5-10%)
Taxi drivers do expect a tip. It is customary to tip them 10% especially if they are helping you with bags.

What is a VAT and how do I get a refund?
VAT is a value-added tax that is included in the sale price of most goods. As a citizen of a country not belonging to the European Union, you entitled to reimbursement of this tax if you are bringing goods out of the country.
If you see a “Tax Free” sign on a store window or door, this means that the store participates in the “Tax Free” program. When making a single purchase at a tax-free store, ask the store clerk about the minimum total required to get the VAT refund. At check out, ask for your VAT refund form. Make sure not to put these goods in checked luggage. You may need to present them to Customs at the border or at the airport.
For more information, click here

How much merchandise am I allowed to bring back into the United States?
For persons returning to the United States, $800 worth of goods is allowed per person.

Do I need an International Driver’s License to drive in a European Country?
Since some countries require them, we recommend that you obtain an IDL from AAA.

How do I make phone calls overseas?
Most non-GSM cell phones do not work overseas. Check with your provider to see if you have coverage.
A convenient way to place your calls is by buying pre-paid phone cards prior to leaving the U.S. They come in $10 and $20 increments and some are country specific. Be sure to read the card for the details. If you place a call with your card at your hotel, you can expect a connecting fee. Check with your long distance provider for information on convenient overseas calling.

Do I need Travel Insurance?
We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance through us. It is very important to protect yourself in case of a trip cancellation, medical expenses or baggage loss. Please see the Travel Insurance page on our website for more details.

What if I become sick while on vacation?
In all European countries, medical treatment is available and is at the same standard as the U.S. Because you are responsible for all charges, please check with your insurance company before you take your trip to see if you have medical coverage outside of the U.S. Travel Insurance is also highly recommended

Where can I obtain travel health tips for traveling overseas?
For general information click on: http://travelhealth.com/home/

Do I need to bring an adapter for my appliances?
To use your U.S. electric powered equipment, you must bring a converter and an adapter. The electric current in most countries is 220 volt and 50 cycles

What about my luggage?
Pack as lightly as possible. Pack everything of value on your carry on luggage. Many airlines are enforcing the “one piece of carry on luggage” rule. Check with your airline about the guidelines and fees. Be aware you have to be able to handle all of your own luggage.

Hand Luggage in Economy Class
As a rule, the less hand luggage you take onto the aircraft with you, the more comfortable your flight will be! A single item of hand luggage is permitted to measure 55 x 40 x 20 cm and weigh a maximum of 8 kg/ 18 pounds. The exceptions are foldable garment bags. They can count as hand baggage, up to 57 x 54 x 15 cm. Employees of the airline will check the measurements with a hand luggage frame.

Checked Luggage in Economy Class
Items not carried as hand luggage but checked in at the airport are referred to as checked luggage. On journeys from/to the USA and Canada, the maximum permitted is 2 pieces weighing no more than 23 KG (50 LB) each, and maximum dimensions of 158 CM (62 inches) each are allowed. Each piece of luggage must be marked clearly with the name and address of the passenger.
Please visit the website: www.tsa.gov/travelers/index.shtm, for the most up to date list of rules and Regulations regarding the liquid carry-on restrictions. Please be aware that effective January 1, 2008, the Department of Transportation (DOT) through the pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) will no longer allow loose lithium batteries in checked baggage. Learn more at .

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